[publication] Why Meme Magic is Real but Memes are Not: On Order Words, Refrains and the Deep Vernacular Web

Marc Tuters published a short article in Memenesia, a pdf publication on meme culture edited by Jerry Galle and Mike Watson. In the text, Marc suggests there might be a better way to understand what we call memes. Departing from Tony Sampson’s critique that memetics doesn’t consider the medium, he proposes an alternative theoretical framework that considers how Internet vernaculars are shaped by the affordances of their milieus as well as how they are transco-ded between them. In doing so Marc uses ideas from Deleuze and Guattari and illustrates this with examples drawn from 4chan’s imageboard subculture.

Read the article here.

Why Meme Magic is Readl but Memes are Not

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