OILab’s Meme Research Featured in De Correspondent [Dutch]

OILab’s research on thematising memes was featured in an article by De Correspondent, an online platform for investigative journalism.

In the Digital Methods Initiative’s 2018 winter school, Sal Hagen from OILab, together with a group of researchers, classified memes from 4chan/pol/ as related to specific themes. The research is written up on the DMI website. The project’s data was used for the 4chan memes/themes image wall blog posts. It is now used by De Correspondent’s Dimitri Tokmetzis for an article on the general uses of Pepe the Frog, Feels Guy and Amerimutt.

Read the article on De Correspondent here (Dutch).

Read the motivation of Tokmetzis to write about political memes here (Dutch).

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