OILab at Interface Politics’s conference, ‘After Post-Truth’

In early December 2018, BAU (Design College of Barcelona) and GREDITS (in collaboration with Artnodes, HANGAR and Barcelona’s Museum of Contemporary Arts) organised their second ‘Interface Politics’ conference, this time focusing on the topic of post-truth. The conference

“encourages not only the academic community, but also artists, designers and activists to share their experience and analysis of the mutations in the regime of truth in our society, as well as their observations on radical creative or educational practices that expose, subvert or transform the apparently natural order of public discourse.”

Together with Ivan Kisjes and Kaspar Beelen (UvA and CREATE), OILab’s Emillie de Keulenaar and Marc Tuters presented their work on how so-called ‘altpedias’ — partisan wikis competing against Wikipedia — generate alternative compendiums of knowledge.

Part of this work will be published in BAU’s e-Records. The full presentation should be accessible in BAU’s YouTube channel.

A summary of works by organisers and other attendants can be accessed here. Special thanks to organisers Jorge Luis Marzo and Bani Brusadin, along with many others involved in facilitating this much needed event.

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