INC’s Critical Meme Reader co-edited by Jack Wilson and Daniël de Zeeuw

OILab’s Jack Wilson and Daniël de Zeeuw co-edited the Critical Meme Reader: Global Mutations of the Viral Image, together with Chloë Arkenbout and published by the Institute of Network Cultures.

Read the book here [free]

The volume includes contributions by Crystal Abidin and Bondy Valdovinos Kaye, Anirban K. Baishya, Aarushi Bapna and Ajitesh Lokhande, Luther Blissett, Grant Bollmer, Stephanie Boulding, Lesley Braun, Anthony Burton, Caspar Chan, Clusterduck, Åke Gafvelin, Idil Galip, Martin Hanssen, Geoff Hondroudakis, Max Horwich, Yasmeen Khaja, Andy King, Ivan Knapp, Jacob Sujin Kuppermann, Anahita Neghabat, Sarp Özer, Saeeda Saeed, Laurence Scherz and The Trans Bears, Sabrina Ward-Kimola and Scott Wark.

It also features a set of m e m e t a r o t c a r d s.

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