The Open Intelligence Lab (OILab) is an Amsterdam-based collective of interdisciplinary researchers whose efforts concern the scrutiny of political subcultures on lesser-researched Web platforms. It attempts to do so by conducting both empirical research, based on digital methods, as well as qualitative theoretical research. Through combining both ends, the results are often academic in nature, but can also be somewhat artistic. For shorter research projects, we maintain a blog on this site. Since data is the new oil, OILab ‘extracts’ this source to make sense of new political currents in the digital sphere.

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Emillie de Keulenaar, Kaspar Beelen, Ivan Kisjes and Marc Tuters on the “Intellectualisation” of Hate Speech on YouTube – DH 2019

Emillie, Kaspar Beelen, Ivan and Marc have presented research on the so-called “intellectualisation” of race-related language on YouTube comments and transcripts at the latest 2019 Digital Humanities conference. This research was based on research completed at the Digital Methods Winter School sprint in collaboration with Stephanie Tintel, Daniël Jurg, Laurie Le Bomin, Jonathan Hendrickx, Kristina […]