Open Intelligence Lab or OILab is an Amsterdam-based collective of interdisciplinary scholars scrutinising online political subcultures on the fringe and lesser-researched corners of the Web. It does so by conducting empirical research based on digital methods as well as qualitative theoretical research. Through combining both, OILab follows the provocation that data is the new oil in order to make sense of new political currents in the digital sphere. The results are usually papers and public appearances, but also take the form of more artistic projects. For write-ups of shorter projects, we also maintain a blog.

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[publication] “Trump Shit Goes into Overdrive”: Tracing Trump on 4chan/pol/

Sal Hagen published an article in M/C Journal, concerning research into anonymous online forums and how the word ‘trump’ changed on 4chan/pol/ over time. Read the text here. The text first advocates for anti-structuralist methods when researching dissimulative/anonymous online groups, which sidestep reliance on vague structuralist notions like “alt-right” or “Anonymous” in favour of objective, […]