/ourguy/ RankFlow

A temporal graph of who anons on 4chan/pol/ associated to “/ourguy/”, a term used to negotiate who might represent the subforum as a whole.

Reddit Thread Stream

An infinitely scrolling list of Reddit threads, as they are posted. Because Reddit threads are posted at an unreadably high pace (over ten per second), the stream scrolls at a slower-than-realtime pace and will eventually start lagging behind – refresh to see the most recent threads again.

Understanding Normiefication: A Cross-Platform Analysis of QAnon

Study on the “normiefication” of a conspiracy theory, notably by tracing its appearance across 4chan, 8chan, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, and online news media.

Political Compass: The Game

An interactive game inspired by the Political Compass meme. Players are invited to think of attributes to a randomly selected political “tribe”, including ur-texts, hashtags, chieftains, and furonas.

Political compass: the game

Political Space

Travel through a planetary system of memetic tribes (desktop only).


Explore an eclectic collection of Wikipedia articles shared on 4chan/pol/ during the 2016 Great Meme War.